Welcome to our family’s current obsession. Invented way back in 1951 by two art students who were experimenting with flexible vinyls for a friend that manufactured pocketbooks, Harry and Patricia Kislevitz inadvertently created one of the most classic of American toys, Colorforms. They claim that playing with them “promotes creative expression, concentration skills, comprehension of spatial relationships and manual dexterity.” We think that’s only the beginning.


Even before you peel up the very first one, they’re beautiful.


And they can be scary fun to play with on glass.


In digging around we stumbled on this playful stop-motion animation created by Carleton Torpin. We thought it worth sharing as further evidence of the creative possibilities.

But wait, it gets better. Guess what we learned? The Colorforms logo? The work of design ├╝ber-legend, Paul Rand. Of course!


Get your set! Available from Amazon.

Added 1/13/10:
Just came across another product that feels right at home in this entry. Almost feels like the Colorforms travel companion. A simple box of wooden shapes with magnetized backs. Made by the (great) toy company, Djeco. You can buy it here.